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Our Pizzeria is Located on the South half of Mezza Luna and is specially designed for a quick pickup or easy sit down meal. The Pizzeria holds the same feel as a dining room while simultaneously carrying a light mood to ensure satisfaction from all. Currently containing 15 tables, simply the Pizzeria alone has more tables than most dining rooms of other Italian restaurants in the Neighborhood. If its just to pick up a quick slice of pizza from our wide range of choices or to sit down and have a meal with waiter service, the Pizzeria is an excellent choice. Our walls are crawling with hand picked modern and abstract art which lay on the cooling colors of an Italian villa. Our pizza selections tops all others in the area with a wide range of choices from our booming Cheese Steak Pizza to our world famous award winning Salad Pizza. Our Salad pizza is one of a kind, mixed in with our famous secret balsamic vinigerette, it is made to perfection everytime. No matter what the occasion or desire for taste, our Pizzeria can satisfy it.